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eBay is a well-known company that is located in California and was the brainchild of Pierre Omidyar. People know eBay as a global online sales solutions company that connect buyers and sellers together of products sold on site. The primary way to contact eBay is by phoning their contact number, which is 0870 280 5150. Thousands of people work for eBay. In 30+ countries, eBay maintains and owns websites. Although once linked to PayPal, the two split into separate companies earlier this year.

Contact eBay for Support

The main site for eBay is located at In addition to this main site, there are several country specific sites that can be used, depending upon where you live. eBay sellers are charged a fee selling, while the buyers pay for the product, shipping and handling and sales tax (if applicable). Sellers pay to list and sell their products on the site, so if you are interested in selling, it is wise to learn more about these costs. Support and dispute resolution services are available for both buyers and sellers.

eBay has removed its live chat feature from its website, but it is still possible to send an email to the company or to contact them via social media. The fastest contact method is using eBay contact number 0870 280 5150, but these alternative contact methods can certainly be considered for use when the phone lines have closed for the day. Just remember, any matter that pertains to private information is not fit for social media discussion. Consider phone or email contact for handling personal questions or problems.

eBay Customer Service for Buying and Selling

There are two main options available for buyers who wish to purchase products. One way is to bid on auction-style listings, while the other is to outright purchase items at a set price. When you bid the product on the site, you have to win the auction in order to be able to complete the purchase. For purchased items, contact the seller if there are any problems. If that does not work, the next place to turn is the resolution area. By phone, contact eBay at 0870 280 5150 to learn more about how to solve problems with the purchasing process.

When it comes to paying for an item, bid cancellation, leaving feedback, shipping costs, item questions, refund questions, and more, contact eBay. When it comes to payments, most transactions are completed via PayPal. Sellers are also able to pay their fees using the online payment service. Although the two companies have officially split, they do remain connected in some ways. PayPal can be used to pay for purchases and fees directly from the eBay site. Even so, do not use the eBay customer service number if you have a payment question that is related solely to PayPal – contact PayPal instead.

eBay Contact for Seller Information

There are only a few limitations for sellers, and each seller will have their own specific selling limits in place. For those who would like to get started on selling, contact eBay at 0870 280 5150 to discuss the specifics of your plans and help to establish your limits. There are guides for sellers to read on the website, which also include on how to list the items as well as costs of it. A copy of the fee structure can also be found online. Fees generally involves a listing and final value fee, but at times, eBay offers free listings as part of their monthly promotions.

With solid feedback and meeting certain sales goals, the sellers can get discounts. It is possible to pay up to 20% less in fees by meeting certain monthly conditions. The company lets sellers know each month if they have done what it takes to be provided with discounted rates. Discounted postage is also available for sellers who print their shipping labels from the site. Call up the eBay customer service phone number to contact a representative about the percentage-based selling fees to get further information.

eBay Customer Service Phone Number for Accounts

Creating an account is free and only takes a few minutes. One account is all that is needed to buy and sell on the site. If you need eBay help, it’s available. Agents can answer all account related questions and can help you to change your password or update your information. You can also connect with someone who answer all of your questions about account management by contacting eBay contact number 0870 280 5150. For further assistance, reach out to the eBay customer service team.


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