Sky Contact Number: 0870 280 5153


Sky is a British telecom company that was established 1990 when a merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting took place. If you would like to reach out to Sky customer services, contact number 0870 280 5153 can be used to connect. Sky provides several different types of services, such as television, internet, and home telephone. These services are offered to individuals and business customers throughout the United Kingdom and five other countries. Sky is at this time the largest pay-television service in the UK, based upon the number of subscribers (approximately 11 million) as of 2015. The company is headquartered in Isleworth.

Sky Contact Numbers

Helpline Contact Number International Number
Sky Customer Services 0870 280 5153 +44 870 280 5153
Sky (UK Freephone) 0800 151 2747 +44 800 151 2747

Sky Contact Number for Support

Sky phone number 0870 280 5153 may be used to get in touch with the customer support team. Help and support in more than one form is available around the clock, with the most popular contact methods being phone, email, and social media. Anytime you contact Sky, guidance is available for an extensive range of subject areas and services, such as:

  • Television
  • Broadband Internet
  • Sky Go
  • Sky Talk (Home Phone)
  • Yahoo Email
  • Accounts
  • Billing & Payments
  • Equipment Problems
  • Service Outages
  • New Service
  • Canceling Service
  • Moving Home
  • And More

If you prefer to learn more about one of these subject areas before you call Sky, visit the company website at On the website there are links to web pages that are a source of information in connection with all of the subject areas mentioned above. Some tasks can even be completed online, depending on whether or not you have an account. In the event that your question cannot be addressed by scanning over the help area of the website, call the Sky phone number listed above and talk with an agent.

Contact Sky on Social Media & Email

If you want to connect to Sky customer services on social media, there are several options available, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Questions and comments can be posted to the company by way of these sites. As mentioned previously, it is wise to exercise caution when deciding which problems to post online. Anything related to billing and payments is best handled in private. Use the Sky helpline if you want any type of account help. Social media help and support is not available around the clock, so use Sky phone 0870 280 5153 to access assistance straight away.

Email is a viable option if you do not mind waiting for an answer. The online automated service must be used before being able to send an email. This service requires that you type in your question and view the available answers. If the answer to your question is provided, wonderful, you’re done. If not, you will be forwarded on to an area where additional contact information is provided.

Sky Customer Service for Problem Reporting

To report any problem related to Sky equipment or service, call 0870 280 5153. This contact number may be used to document issues associated with television service, telephone service, or broadband service. It can also be used to report an outage in your home or local area. Area-wide service status information can be viewed online, and that information is kept up-to-date. Visit the Sky website to check for an outage in your area.

The strength of your satellite signal can also be viewed online by using the diagnostics tool located on the website. The Sky contact number mentioned above may be used for connecting to an agent who’s able to help identify problems, and when necessary, send a technician out to your home to help. In most cases, repairs are made at no cost to the subscriber. Feel free to confirm this with the agent you speak with.

Sky Phone Number for Billing & Payments

Assistance is available for all matters related to billing and payments. Use Sky customer services phone number 0870 280 5153 to connect to an agent if you need help. If you would like to make changes to your Sky iD, make modifications to your subscription or service package, manage your costs and payments, get assistance with logging in, or need help with any other account-related topic, call Sky. If you’d like to get a new password without completing a call to the Sky customer services department, you can do so online. On the site, you will be able to ask for a username reminder or can request a link sent to your email address that will allow you to select a new password.

Bills can be paid online, which is the easiest payment method, but can also be paid by calling the Sky customer service phone number. If you notice an error on your billing statement, contact Sky as soon as possible, before the bill is due to be paid if possible. Other matters to report include possible security issues, spoof emails, and more. If using social media to contact Sky customer services, or any other customer service department, be sure to keep your payment information private. Billing and payment issues are best handled by calling and speaking with an agent.

Sky Customer Services for TV Service

Sky TV service bundles begin at £20 per month and each service plan includes a number of different entertainment channels, HD channels, and free-to-air channels. To learn more about all of the package options available, contact Sky or visit the company website. There, you will find a breakdown of all the available package options, as well as any promotions that are going on at the time. You can easily change service plans by phoning in and speaking to an agent. Note that some bundles do call for a minimum duration of service time, generally one to two years. Sky customer service will also help with trouble in connection with television service. For anyone who is encountering a problem with reception, help is offered. Don’t forget to report problems without delay so to ensure that the problem is remedied promptly.

Sky Contact Number for Broadband Service

Both no-cost and paid broadband and fibre internet connection services are available. Furthermore, there are internet service options that are linked to a monthly usage allocation, or totally unlimited. The selection between these can of course be made based upon how much internet you typically use. Sky help is available if you need it, and an agent can help you to pick out the service plan that is best for your household. Dial Sky telephone number 0870 280 5153 to make contact with a specialist who is able to talk about the available plan options and rates. If you’re acquiring service for the first time, a representative will help you to set up your new account and arrange an installation visit for you if one is necessary.

Sky Helpline for Establishing New Service & Moving Home

The contact number for Sky may be used to establish service for the first time, or to transfer your established service from your current location to a new location. Setting up new service or making a transfer is going to take a couple of days, therefore it is wise to contact Sky as soon as possible to setup or transfer service. Frequently asked questions relevant to moving home can be found on the company website.

Additional online advice is available for new subscribers, including help with setting up a television box, setting up internet service and email, and tracking the delivery of devices. There is no charge for moving home, but there could be a cost for new service. Both single and bundled service plans are available. Sky support is on hand to assist with explaining the available options and costs. Call the Sky help team to learn more.

Sky Contact for Business Services

The same type of services that are offered for home customers are offered for business customers, but obviously are offered on a larger scale when needed. Whether your business location is a cafe, traditional office, or storefront, business solutions are available. Television, internet, and business phone service options are open, and these may be provided at lower than average prices in some cases. Volume discounts are certainly not out of the question, and no business is too small or large to subscribe to the available services.

To go over the options readily available for your business, call Sky customer services by dialing 0870 280 5153. This contact number will assist you in connecting to a business consultant who will assist you with choosing the most beneficial services and lowest rates to meet your requirements. Additional information and facts about Sky business services can be found online by clicking the ‘Sky for Business’ link from the bottom of the homepage.

Sky Phone for Employment Opportunities

If you’re interested in employment opportunities, the contact number for Sky can be used to connect to an employment specialist. Employment information is also available on the company website by clicking ‘Work for Sky’ from the bottom of the homepage. This area of the website will allow you to search for open positions and find out more about the different types of opportunities that are currently available. Applications can be registered online and can be modified at a later time if you have an account. Phone Sky if you would like help with the job search or need guidance for the task of application submission.


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