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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has existed since 1965, but in its present form is currently part of the Department of Transport. The DVLA contact number 0870 280 5151 can be used to reach out to the department concerning any questions about the operation and licensing of a motor vehicle. Support is available in at least one form at all times. The DVLA is responsible for registering vehicles across the UK and providing drivers with opportunities to be licensed. The head offices for the DVLA are located in Wales, and the company is currently run by CEO Oliver Morley.

DVLA Contact Numbers:

Helpline UK Phone Number International Phone Number
DVLA Contact Number 0870 280 5151 +44 870 280 5151
Vehicle Registration 0300 790 6801 +44 300 790 6801
V5C Certificates 0300 790 6801 +44 300 790 6801
Vehicle Tax 0300 790 6802 +44 300 790 6802

DVLA Contact Number for General Assistance

When calling DVLA, motorists can receive assistance with many different matters. If you need to become a legal driver, need to pay taxes on your vehicle, or need to obtain a disc, help is available. The automated contact line is available around the clock, and many common tasks can be completed simply by calling 0870 280 5151, making the proper selections, and providing the necessary information. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has done an excellent job of simplifying many of the common tasks that drivers must complete.

Turn to DVLA customer services for all matters related to:

  • Licenses
  • Discs
  • Records
  • Private Plates
  • Taxes
  • Bereavements
  • License Testing
  • And More

The DVLA contact number 0870 280 5151 connects motorists to representatives at any time of day. Furthermore, general information is located on the DVLA website, if you prefer to read more about the current policies prior to placing a call to support. Although the DVLA hosts a high call volume, the operators are capable of answering many different questions. Policies and procedures can be found online or by talking to a representative. In some cases, email communication will be possible, but social media support is not available at this time.

Many motorists who contact the DVLA helpline need assistance with renewing their licenses, applying for tax discs, applying for new licenses or reporting cars that are no longer on the road. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency website also provides many standard forms that may be filled out and emailed to the service department. Customers should be warned that email response times are typically a fair bit slower than phone response times. Even so, online form submission may allow you to bypass a visit to an office location, which will of course be a time saver.

DVLA Phone Number for Tax Payments and Discs

If you need help renewing your tax disc or setting up road tax payments, the DVLA customer service department can be reached at 0870 280 5151. This number should also be used to notify the DVLA of a vehicle sale and the subsequent relinquishment of liability for that vehicle. Motorists should request a V5C Registration certificate, and will be asked a number of questions about the vehicle sale. These questions will include the sale date, registration number, make and model of the vehicle, and new owner info. This information can also be submitted online by filling out the proper form on the DVLA website.

All vehicles must possess a current road tax disc – it’s the law! The rules surrounding discs were recently changed, and now the grace period for obtaining a new road tax disc is 14 days rather than 5. This extra time is meant to allow motorists to purchase and receive a current disc before their old one expires. The cost of a disc obviously varies from person to person, but it is highly dependent upon the age, condition and value of the vehicle. Representatives at the DVLA hotline can help with any questions about renewing a disc or obtaining a new disc, as well as any pertinent questions about the rules governing road discs in general.

DVLA Helpline for Drivers Licenses

Although drivers must have a current disc in order to operate a motor vehicle, this disc is not all they need, they must also have a valid motorist license. A provisional license does not count as a full license, and provisional license holders must have a licensed driver in the vehicle with them. Full driver’s licenses, which can be acquired after a motorist passes both a theory and a road test, allow for unabated driving of a motor vehicle. Driver’s tests can be booked online, and questions about new licenses or license renewals should be directed to the DVLA phone number 0870 280 5151 or the official Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency licensing email address: customer.services@dsa.gsi.gov.uk.


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