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Founded during 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon was originally an online retailer of books only. However Amazon has expanded a great deal since then, and now employs close to 200K people worldwide. Amazon customer service is always available, and can be reached by dialing 0870 280 5152. The key to Amazon’s expansion was to start selling all kinds of media besides books, and eventually sell all kinds of goods online. Bezos is still the CEO of the company, with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington state.

Amazon Contact Number for Customers

If you need to contact Amazon about any of your orders phone this number 0870 280 5152 to speak to someone on the helpline. As Amazon sells and then ships out thousands of items every day it is not surprising that the customer service helpline numbers are always busy. As a company Amazon is well equipped to make sure that it can handle the sheer volume of calls that it receives. Indeed the company has a reputation for providing excellent customer service via its helpline. By phoning the orders helpline customers can discuss issues such as:

  • Any item specifics
  • The tracking of orders
  • The delivery of larger items
  • Sending out international orders
  • Dealing with undelivered items
  • Total shipping costs
  • Different shipping options available

Should you prefer to check the status of your order online that can be done. Go to, log into your personal account, then click on to the ‘Your Orders’ link. This link will show you a list of orders placed and once you click on tracking for the specific item, will tell where your order is, or if it has been shipped yet. If the order has not been delivered and the order status is unclear you can call Amazon and they will help locate it for you.

The Amazon Customer Service Number for Returns

If you need to return any items for a refund then phone Amazon customer services at 0870 280 5152 to discuss the matter further. Generally Amazon will issue a refund on the vast majority of items returned to them. Sometimes when they are not able to refund money for items they will offer an exchange for goods of the same value. In order to process a return you will have to provide the relevant details either online or in speaking with an agent.

Once you have sent the return back to Amazon you can track whether or not they have received it. If the item has not yet reached them during a reasonable time-frame, you will need to ring them again. As soon as they receive an item they will complete the refund or exchange. In some cases returns will only be accepted if they remain unopened, so do be sure to check the specific terms and conditions regarding returns.

Amazon Helpline for Sellers

Amazon was set up in such a way as to allow sellers to sell via the company. Although buyers buy through the Amazon website it is up to the seller to ship out all the items, which they sell. Amazon does allow sellers to market goods and services, if you are unsure about the exact terms and conditions then phone Amazon. Sellers can set up as individuals or professionals, with fees varying accordingly. If you have any queries then contact the sellers Amazon phone by calling 0870 280 5152.

Amazon Customer Services for Trade-Ins

Amazon will accept a wide range of goods in exchange for credit towards other one-site items, or they put the value onto an gift card. Should you have items in good condition you are no longer using then could put them in the trade in program. Goods from any of the following categories may be accepted for a trade in credit or gift card:

  • Music and CDs
  • MP3 players
  • DVDs
  • Video games and Consoles
  • Cameras
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Textbooks and Books
  • Other Electronics

Sometimes it can take up to ten days to sort out trade-ins. Amazon will send you a label to attach to the items that you post to them. With that label you can check when they have received those items. Amazon will check all items and will only provide credit for those things they accept. For further details consult the online FAQs or contact Amazon directly.

Customer Number for Amazon Prime members

The Amazon Prime membership tier is a paid membership with annual fees you can pay for yourself or give as a gift. Membership entitles you to discounts, priority ordering and delivery options, and free access to media such as books, movies, and music. To join or end your membership go online or contact Amazon customer service by dialing 0870 280 5152 to connect with a live agent.


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